Sanitary Door Handles

When leaving a restroom in a restaurant, office building or other public establishment, are you willing to try almost anything to avoid touching a very unsanitary door handle? Use a paper towel and then drop it on the floor? Use only one finger behind the handle? Everyone has had these experiences.

Now, Sibley Hospital offers a solution – a hands-free Sanitary Door Opener. The Opener is a small metal bracket that attaches to a restroom door above the existing handle and allows a person to use one’s forearm to open the door. As the door swings open, the opener rotates toward the user, thereby naturally releasing the arm. The user’s hands never touch anything and are kept clean, fresh and sanitary!

It is a remarkably simple product that is a truly dead-on solution to a long-standing sanitary need. The device is suitable for pull-open doors of any construction. The handles are safe to use and each opener is designed to safely release one’s arm even if the restroom door swings open suddenly.


          Department: Innovation Hub
          Implemented: August 12, 2016